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Koščová Viera
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Ing. Mester Rastislav

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0918 630122

Spišiaková Eva
0918 690380

Spišiaková Eva

Krištof František (dieľňa)
0917 182238


Miestny úrad Mestská časť Košice - Košická Nová Ves
Mliečna 1
040 14 Košice
IČO: 00 690 996


Košická Nová Ves
It is of Košice, the second largest city in Slovakia. The center of the town associate it bus and trolley bus lines. The village has set up a kindergarten and children's homes. Sports activities are carried out at the football stadium and the tennis courts. Recently, there also develops entrepreneurial activity, were added to shops, restaurants and services. The proximity of the city and a pleasant environment is still attractive for housing and construction boom has brought new houses.

Currently the Košická Nová Ves about 2,500 inhabitants.

Of Košice - Košická Nová Ves originally formed a separate village, which was merged with Kosice in 1968. Of the 99 percent of the buildings that make up the city of the original houses. Only three other objects are (panel) character.

In Košická Nová Ves is one parent and one primary school. There is an industrial or commercial zone, dominated by rural residential character. Among important business entities that operate the firm NTC, which has been producing artistically processed glass.

Land use plan envisages a city of urban expansion. Problematic in this respect renders the settlement of ownership rights of land owners and financed by the city of ZDOJ when considering construction of utility networks, sidewalks, roads and public green, which entails about 40% of investment costs. Even so, the plan envisages a significant increase in population from the current 2,100 (April 2001) to 6,000 inhabitants. The current house of 700 should be added about 2,000 new houses.



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Mliečna 1, 040 14 Košice
IČO: 00 690 996
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